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Q: When should I remodel?
A: There are many times when choosing to remodel is a good decision. Here are a few examples:
    • When your family expands
    • Fixtures and materials become worn or dated
    • You desire — and can afford — change
    • You crave better design and space functionality
    • Your neighbors’ remodel has raised property values
    • You love your neighbors and your location and don’t want to physically move
    • You live in a home that has sentimental value
    • Someone in your family has become physically challenged
    • You desire to go “green” environmentally

Q: How do I determine a remodeling budget?
A: Consult with a financial advisor to determine what you can afford and what you’re willing to spend, including home equity, if applicable. Consider talking with a realtor who will help you determine your home’s market value or visit Check your local
real estate taxes, which can serve as a benchmark for your home’s current and future value.
Once you have a budget, talk with a remodeler who can provide you with a history of similar-costing projects. Discuss your wants, needs and desires to see if they fit within your budget.

Q: How do I determine who will handle my remodeling project?
A: First, determine the scope of your project by considering what needs to be done; the reasons for remodeling; existing mechanicals; what might be buried on your property that may cause problems; zoning issues; and orientation of sunlight, not only for environmental reasons, but also for lighting considerations.
Next, consider design. Do you know what you want? Will you work with a design contractor, an architect or a designer? Remember, you don’t want to over design a project you can’t afford to build or work with a less-experienced contractor who doesn’t understand the costs associated with trying to meet your design specs. For more information about the design/build process, visit and choose Design/Build Process. Finally, as you meet with remodelers, ask yourself:
    • Does the remodeler consult with me before trying to sell me his or her services? • Is it a
      dual interview process?
    • Does my personality fit well with the remodeler’s personality and business philosophy?
    • Does the remodeler understand and share my design vision and display an attitude of
      expertise and teamwork?

Q: What should I consider when it comes to project cost versus value?

A: Keep these considerations in mind as you plan your remodeling budget:
    • Understand your home’s value, so you don’t over improve and sacrifice a return on
    • Know the difference between maintenance projects and valueadded projects. For
      example, replacing a roof is a maintenance project that won’t necessarily add value.
      Why? Buyers expect a roof to be in good condition. However, remodeling your kitchen
      will make your home more attractive to buyers and increase your home’s value.
    • Keep in mind the difference between good, better, best and premium products.
    • Understand what your spouse/significant other values versus what you value.
    • Consider your project’s time value. How long will you be happy with your design
    • Ask yourself what you value about your neighborhood. Do your children attend a great
      school? Is your home close to family members or near your place of business? Is your
      home surrounded by great neighbors?

Q: How do I maintain my project budget?
A: Make as many design selections as possible before your project begins. The only unknown should be demolition. Nobody can see behind walls. However, if a remodeler is experienced, he or she will have a better sense of what could be hiding behind plaster or drywall — including what could go wrong.
If you’ve taken the time to plan the design with your remodeler before you begin, you’re less likely to change your mind during construction, which results in costly change orders.
If you plan to complete any of the work yourself, you must hold yourself accountable to your budget just as you would your remodeler.




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