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RBC understands that the process of planning and building a remodeling project can be a daunting undertaking, filled with many choices, possibilities, and decisions.  Our process helps guide you down a clear, orderly path through the design and construction of your project. 

We do this as your partner ensuring complete trust,
peace of mind, and total satisfaction.

The Four Phases of Design

oneFeasibility - What WILL make your great home better? We will lead you in a discussion to help you establish four main design considerations for your project, and ask about:

- Your needs
(Baby’s coming and we don’t have an extra bedroom)

- Your wants (I don’t really NEED this but would really like to have that Jacuzzi whirlpool)

- Existing site considerations (Exploring the structure and existing features of your home)

- Your budget (Only you know what you can comfortably afford)
Schematic Development - After establishing the project’s design potential and budget range, we then focus on design. Right now,
“Design Matters”, and we take care to check all the following:

- Review existing site conditions and take measurements (Noting structural and mechanical conditions.  Many digital pictures will be taken to refer to back at the office)

- Review zoning and building codes (Each state, county, & locals have their specific codes to follow)

- Provide preliminary design sketches (How the design will fit together and appear in relation and proportion to the rest of your house)

- Projecting construction costs to within +/-10% of budget at this stage
threeDesign Development – Once the preliminary design and budget are approved we are ready to develop the details.

- Refining the preliminary design ideas into a final design (ex. Layout of kitchen)

- Selecting major products and building materials (granite tops, cabinets, flooring material, etc.)

- Approving layouts for electrical, plumbing, and mechanical (exact location of lighting fixtures)

- Projecting construction costs for final budget number

Construction Documents – At this phase, we are ready to build.  All major decisions have been made, and we can proceed into the preparation of the following construction documents.

- Working drawings are completed

- Project specifications are finalized

- Contract agreement with fixed price plus any allowances for selections not yet made.

At this point in the process, you, the homeowner, are fully informed and prepared for this project.  All of the details have been worked out and all the expectations are understood.  We've not yet begun construction, but know exactly what will happen from this day forward.

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